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Nautitech 82'

Boat, Retreats or Vacations?

San Blas, Panamá

Why Trips on Boats?

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Luxury Catamaran & Monohull

Set sail on an unforgettable Panamanian adventure with Trips on Boats! Explore the crystal-clear waters of San Blas in style and comfort aboard our exceptional fleet.

For island-hopping excursions and exploring hidden coves, our catamarans offers unparalleled stability and spacious living areas, perfect for relaxing under the Caribbean sun.

Craving a touch of classic sailing charm? Our monohull provides a thrilling sailing experience while boasting ample deck space for soaking up the panoramic ocean views.

Whether you seek a luxurious catamaran getaway or an adventurous monohull experience, Trips on Boats has the perfect vessel to transform your San Blas dream into reality.

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The Journey

Enter the world of wonders

Calling all adventurers! Set sail on an unforgettable San Blas sailing tour to the Guna Yala archipelago in Panama. This tropical paradise boasts over 365 islands, each a jewel in the turquoise Caribbean. But beyond the postcard-perfect beaches, discover a vibrant indigenous culture.

The Guna people here live in harmony with their environment. Imagine traditional palm huts dotting the shores, meals cooked over fire, and a deep connection to nature. Their way of life is a beautiful blend of timeless traditions and a growing connection to the world.

Join us on a San Blas sailing trip and see the world through the Guna's eyes. Witness their deep respect for Mother Earth, and rediscover the simple joys of living in balance with nature. It's more than a vacation – it's a transformative journey on a boat trip you'll never forget.

Ready to set sail? Explore our San Blas sailing tours and find your perfect adventure!


Something you can't miss

Set sail for paradise in San Blas, Panama with Trip on Boats! We offer a variety of adventures to suit any traveler.


Explore the Guna Yala islands with our all-inclusive option, combining land stays and catamaran sailing. For digital nomads or independent explorers, hop on board our shared cabin trips and discover new islands daily.

Craving privacy? We have private boats perfect for families or couples, with personalized service and customizable itineraries. For the ultimate in luxury, our deluxe sailboats boast gourmet chefs and attentive staff.


Wellness seekers will love our retreats, featuring yoga sessions, healthy meals, and a focus on connecting with nature.

No matter your style, Trips on Boats has the perfect San Blas experience waiting for you!

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